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marriedtofandom's Journal

Married To....Fandom
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Married To...Fandom
About the Community Rules
Welcome to marriedtofandom. The place where you can marry your favorite celebrity or fictional character. 1. One claim per person.

2. Don't come whining to me because you're chosen character is taken. There's plenty of others out there to chose from. I'm sure you'll find someone else.

3. Check the claims list to make sure your chosen celebrity or fictional character is still available. If they are, post a new entry to the community. Subject (My heart belongs to...) body (character/celebrity you're claiming).

4. If you're journal becomes inactive (doesn't have any new posts within 3 months) you're claim will be dropped and maybe claimed by another user. If you leave the community, you're claim will also be dropped. You don't have to friend/watch the community just remain a member.

5. Fictional characters, Actors, Actresses, Athletes, Musicians, etc... can be claimed. Please state somewhere in the post where they're from so I know where to list them.

6. If you would like to drop or change your claim comment to this post letting me know. From there you'll be given farther instructions on what to do.

7. Please link back to this community by using a banner or text link. Blank banners can be found here. But feel free to make your own.

8. Pimp out this community. The more you pimp the more fun this will be.

9. Have fun!
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